Your 100 Trillion Cells Need Phosphatidylcholine

Aging is not a single process. The process leads to decline in physical, sensory and mental capabilities. Current research shows that it is possible to slow down, stop and even reverse the aging processes. The end game of this post is to stay younger as we wait for more knowledge.

Some of the aging processes are also disease processes which can be stopped or cured with new knowledge and lifestyle changes. Once such aging reversal that you can start right now is to supplement with a chemical called phosphatidylcholine (PC) [J Nutr. 1995. Jun;125(6): 1484-1489. S. Y. Chung et al.]. PC is found in all 10 trillion cells in your body. PC give the cells membrane its flexibility and creates the structural integrity for all your cells.

In young people, about 90% of the cell membrane is made up of PC. Because the body creates PC slowly, it depletes over your lifetime. In the elderly, PC diminishes to a mere 10% of what it was in your youth. With PC depletion, the cell membranes gets clogged up with hard fats and cholesterol making the cell not function as well.

Supplementing with PC can reverse this process. It is excellent for keeping youthful skin and all organs will improve since PC is such an important and fundamental substance to all your cells.

PC isn’t all that expensive. You can buy a 50 day supply from Amazon for about $15. ┬áCheck it out here.

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